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CCTV Drain Surveys 

Our trained engineers utilise the very latest specialist technology so we can investigate and identify problems with your drainage system

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GO Tankers CCTV Survey Experts

CCTV drain surveys can be used to determine faulty pipework, damaged systems & parts or to locate and blockages. By using a camera down any drain the source of a problem can be found easily and remedial action can be advised and taken.

Before the days of CCTV technology establishing the root cause of a problem in an extensive underground pipe system used to be an expensive and disruptive as contractors would need to excavate large areas to unearth the problem.

GO Tankers Ltd - the CCTV Drain Survey Experts!

CCTV Drain surveys are a cost effective method of determining a problem with a drain fault without the major excavation work. CCTV drain surveys are quick, easy and clean.

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