Are You Ready For The New 2020 General Binding Rules?

If you have a septic tank that discharges to field, stream, ditch etc. you will need to renew or upgrade it!

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The General Binding Rules.

Does your current septic tank discharge to a watercourse?

Are you looking at purchasing a property with a septic tank?

Septic tank regulations for both England and Wales have changed. All septic tank or small sewage treatment plant discharges to surface water must comply with the new rules by January 2020.

Some existing systems discharge the effluent from a septic tank to a soakaway / filtration system. Some have an out flow to a watercourse or discharge directly to a watercourse - both types of system could need replacing.

For a more detailed explanation, and to find out what your options are, please click or tap on the PDF document below.

General Binding Rules Explanation and Options

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